Monday, November 9, 2009

Warm November Days

Our weekend was full of fresh roma tomatoes from our backyard (check out my windowseal), a beautiful six-layer caramel cake I whipped up (tutorial to follow later this week) for my mom's birthday, and a trip down the coast to the island where my parents live to deliver said cake and stay for a visit! The drive back took us on a detour through the beautiful town of Beaufort, SC, where we poked around in antique shops, gauked at some historic homes, gazed out over the golden bay, and satisfied our sweet tooth at the Chocolate Tree.

Other than that, if you happened by my page this weekend you may have seen any one of a number of new templates I tried out for my blog here. I'm new to this whole blogging thing, as you've probably figured out, and hunted everywhere online for a great, three column format I could use. I finally found this simple, three column minina which I've adopted, and quickly set in one of my favorite shades of blue. It's close to the Tiffany's blue, but maybe a little more muted. But I guess it could look different on your monitor. Our master bedroom is painted in a similar shade, which oozes serenity and calm. It reminds me of when I look out over the Cooper River from Waterfront park in downtown Charleston on a cool spring day like the one when my husband proposed so many years ago!

Later this week at Homemaker, MD, I'll be posting the above mentioned caramel cake tutorial (this is the real deal people), write a little bit about a questionable procedure called "palliative sedation" and the ethics surrounding it, do a little show and tell involving some of my home decor, and explain why on earth a homemaker like me is so interested in thinking through Christian bioethics--and why I actually think it is part of building up my home and family. I'll also be tweaking my site a little bit here and there, playing with fonts and stuff. I don't know code and don't really want to learn, but I do want to spruce things up a little. Let me know what you think and if you have any advice for me in this area!